Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tired :(

I think I need a lot more sleep. Too many late nights and too steep a learning curve lately. I've been trying to master Photoshop Elements and I just can't get the hang of it. Some parts of it are getting better, but I cannot do what I want with layers. It is frustrating because I know it should be easy.

The OWOH comments are "tapering off", it seems, and I want to get back to my regular painting and blogging. Today, I am posting a new painting, I think. It is called "Tuxedo Junctions" and it seems somehow appropriate after two concerts yesterday and concert dress. It is all about "keeping an interesting white space" like a lot of my other paintings.

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  1. I found a site...I'll have get the link to you...for Photoshop Elements and it's geared to 3rd graders and up. I haven't tried it yet...afraid I will find that I can't get what a 3rd grader can. What it is is various projects and if memory serves it starts with layering. I found another one that is supposed to be easy to follow along. If I can find it this morning I will make you a cope and bring it to the Salon...see you soon, julie