Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Posting for today

Well, tonight I can finally change one of the numbers of my goals in the right hand sidebar. I now have completed 9 small paintings that were in various stages of completion. They are finished, signed, snapped, and in some cases matted and ready to frame. I am going to post 5 of them here now. 

They are (from top to bottom):

"Stamp Out Beige"
". . . and the ring, please?"
"Fleur" "

Some are a little blurry--I need to start using my tripod, I think.

Yippee Do!


  1. These are fabulous Kathleen...AND you got to change your goal #s...j

  2. Thank you, Julie, for your compliment. And yes, I was inspired to get them finished so that I could make the first change in my goal number.

    I hope that you will be honest with me if you ever notice that the quality of my paintings is being compromised because I am striving to reach my numberical goals. I'd appreciate that. Thanks!

  3. I think they are wonderful...I love, "the ring please"....I don't feel the quality is being compromised...and I think you will know if that happens. hugs, j