Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whew! A LONG day! And a new look!

Well, things have been happening around here somewhat ahead of schedule. Roy has his new 27" iMac and is very happy with it. So, I have inherited his old iMac and I am also very happy with it. All of this "inheriting" involved finishing up a bunch of paperwork on my MacBook so I could relegate it to the realm of being a "real" laptop now that I have a "real" desktop computer to work on. :) Lucky laptop, lucky me, lucky Roy!

Today, though, I'm still without photo files etc. here on the iMac so I won't post any new photos just yet. Soon, I promise! I need to transfer files from my laptop to here so that I don't have to email a lot of images etc. More progress soon, I'm sure. All for tonight, though.

I have been wanting to use my newsletter header on my blog and I was semi-successful in getting that here though I need to resize it and maybe eliminate some of the white space below it. But I was able to copy it, save it, and add it--so that's more than I expected to be able to do. I also changed the look of the blog again and I think it looks much better than it did.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loose Ends. . . .

Today's commitment (and it was yesterday's, and the day before's, too.  .  . ) is to sit down at my computer and tackle this heap of paperwork that needs inputting, filing, sorting, and tossing. It's been much too long in the process of getting done and I am determined to be caught up with it once and for all. Or at least for NOW!

When I took Alyson Stanfield's 3 online classes last winter, I made wonderful headway on getting my art business files set up, organized, and straightened out. But then I let things "slip" before I had completed the process and here it is, seven months later, and I'm just getting back to it. But I have done other things in the intervening period that have been productive as well.

One thing I finished up was a wall area in my blue and green living room that is dedicated to a wonderful painting by Bebe Long, a fellow artist in Fresno. She and I traded paintings last fall and I made a special place for her's. Here it is, pictured below. . . . . .

It is a very meaningful painting to her and I am so honored to now have it. In exchange, she has my flamingo painting since she collects flamingos. My blue and green room is enlivened by the pink and I've also added more black and white. (The dog, Cooper, is NOT new!) Bebe and I do a lot of similar things in our paintings--bold, bright colors, stylized people and flowers, and spirals, among other things.  I just love her "motto"--

"Art is the icing on the cake of life."

Another thing that Bebe and I share is a love of cats. We both have yellow cat paintings in our current collections. Here is her "Tailhook" (the single cat) and my "Love is Kind" (two cats with a little mouse friend). Great minds think alike, as they say! And. . . . the best people LOVE cats! :)