Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goal Numbers HAVE Changed--Please Note!

You may think my goal numbers for 2009 haven't changed in a very long time--and they had not! But that wasn't because I haven't been painting, but more because I had the "gadgets" formulated in such a way that it was hard for me to change them. I just figured out a much easier way to do it, so now I have NO excuse to not change them.

They are in the right hand sidebar and the colors are very different now. My large painting goal for the year is 52 and my small painting goal for the year is 104. I'm still way behind schedule but I am confident that I can still meet my goal by the end of the year. As of July lst, I should have been half way there on both of them--26 (I'm at 14 now) and 52 (I'm at 27 now). But, in any case, I'm painting! And working on both goals. I choose to think positively that the months of the year when I'll have most time to paint are still coming. Roy will start back with the USDA in a couple of months, but we all know that September and October are very busy months for artists. So we shall see how it goes. . . . .

So, onward and upward!

Good News from "Father Time" (or BY Father Time!?)

Hooray! Isn't it interesting that just when we're feeling most like we aren't going to sell anything for a while, something unexpected--totally unexpected!--usually sells. :) At least for me that's the way it seems to work. I've had a rather quiet spell for a little while and then, out of the blue, I had a voice mail on my cell phone yesterday from Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. When I returned the call, I was told that a small print of "Joy" had sold yesterday PLUS a full sheet watercolor of Father Time. I was so excited that I was dancing around the house for hours! I'm attaching a cropped photo of the painting that I took in rather bad lighting but you'll get the idea of the painting from it. A lady purchased it who owns another painting of mine and I hope to get to talk to her in person very soon.

Upcoming Classes in July, August, and September--First one is NEXT Saturday in Oakhurst!

Dear Fellow Artists, Friends, and hopeful Artists:

Just a quick reminder that I have 3 Mixed Media classes coming up in the next 3 months. The first one is THIS Saturday, July 18th, for Vision Academy. It is to be held at the elementary school in Oakhurst, from 10 to 3:30, and the cost is $45. If you are interested in attending--and there is still plenty of room--please call Jackie Byers at 683-7071. Also, email me back that you will be attending and I will send you via email the class description and the supply list. Actually, you don't need to buy anything--just bring your basic watercolor or acrylic supplies and the rest will be provided.

The next class will be on Saturday August 8th at the Art Stand Gallery in Minkler. It will cost $30 and be held from 9AM till 1 PM.

The 3rd class will be on Saturday, Sept. 26th at the elementary school in Oakhurst. Details are like those for this coming Saturday.

All 3 classes are independent, one day events and can be done by beginning through advanced students. We always have a lot of fun, produce some nice work, and feel motivated to move forward with new ideas and excitement in our own future work. I hope you can come to at least 1 of the classes. If not, I will stay in touch about future classes. I am also teaching classes in my home studio on Wednesdays so if you are interested in that prospect, let me know.


Kathleen Mattox


Kathleen Mattox/"Mixed Messages"
Watercolors and Mixed Media Paintings

"The only rule in art is what works".
(Lee Fleming)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Art Hop Opportunity in Reedley this Thursday evening

The ArtHop this Thursday on Reedley's G Street will have the aire of an Art in the Park. There will be artists with their art, Chalk the Walk, face painting, a bounce house, interactive art area for the kids, performances, and tons of great fun!

The City of Reedley is doing a phone blitz to all residents about ArtHop! Reedley has historically always had extremely good attendance to their events, so I expect this ArtHop to be well attended. Pleaseconsider showing your work and/or performing at this event. There are no fees or commissions, all it requires is a little of your time. Two businesses have already approached me to orgainize rotating art by local artists (meaning Fresno County) throughout their locations. They have offered their walls to support art in the community. I expect more businesses to follow suit. Those business owners/CEOs will be in attendance Thursday night along with a host of others. This will be a great opportunity for exposure and possible revenue.

Setup begins at 4:00. Let me know if you will be there. I hope so! (from Melanie Fountain)

Reedley is only 25 minutes from downtown Fresno...not that far and well worth the drive.

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A Mannequinless Moment

Candy, Florence, Clementine, and Sherry are quietly resting after their long and difficult births. And so am I. Three weeks ago I didn't own any mannequins and now I own several and have almost completed four of them. I delivered my entry to the Madera Ag Show last Friday at 4:40, 20 minutes before the deadline for submissions. Whew. And now it remains to be seen if they will be accepted or not. I am quite pleased with how they turned out and will be alright with the outcome, whatever it is. This is a breakthrough attempt for me, entering 2 "unknowns" into a competition that I've traditionally done well in, in the past. Clementine is in the Citrus category and Sherry is in Vines. The Ag Show is very unique in that entries are done by agricultural category rather than by medium.

Last Saturday, I did a demo with Julie Mitchell at Willowbridge Books in Oakhurst. It was fun and people enjoyed making faces with Julie out of self-hardening paper clay. I'd almost forgotten how much fun I had when I made my one and only spirit figure in Julie's class.

Recently, Roy and I have been enjoying watching the hummingbirds and finches from our bedroom patio. For a long time, there were only 3 hummies but this morning there were 15! So, as we say each year, it must be the week of the hummingbird family reunion. They are such fun to watch as they dart around in formation, from feeder to feeder, methodically and quickly emptying the numerous feeders filled by Roy on a very regular basis. I don't like to cook for anyone, least of all for the birds!  LOL 

Friday, July 3, 2009

More about Candy and Clementine. . . .

Candy, remember, is mannequin #1. She is named Candy because (I'm repeating myself, here!) she's pink and white and very sweet. :) And even though she's not a painting, I'm going to count her as my large painting for the week once she is complete. She has taken more time than some paintings do but it's really been fun and interesting and productive, too. I learned a lot about working on a 3D surface and I'm trying out some new mediums also--such as Clear Gesso and self-levelling gel medium. All I need to do now, I think, is finish the beaded ribbons hanging from her waist. I am about 1/4 of the way around her and I do like the effect. I just took the photos about 5 minutes ago in my studio and I apologize for the photography and the busy backgrounds. It was the best I could do tonight. Also, you'll see the beading isn't done but you'll get the idea anyway.

Clementine (mannequin #2) is going to be one of my entries into the Madera Ag show, which has a July 10th deadline for image submission. She is larger and more complex and took a lot more time than Candy did. And she went through a lot of awkward stages and I'm still not totally enthralled with her. But there are parts I like very much so I'm going to go ahead with her, finish her, photograph her, enter her--and see what happens. She may not be accepted, but I think it's worth a try. The 3-D-ness of her will add a different note and perhaps someone who raises citrus fruit will fall in love with her. :)

I'm not going to photograph her yet because she also is not quite finished, plus I think she should remain a surprise until the entries go in and maybe even until the show happens, if she is accepted. I am beading ribbons on her also and they will take some time to finish. So once I've posted for today, I'm back to the needle, the ribbons, and the beads!

Fun, fun, fun! "Flora" may be next!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet Candy!

Today's photos show you a more finished view of "Candy", mannequin #1. I am working on "Clementine" now and have an idea for "Flora". This sounds pretty crazy, I know, but it is really fun, Fun, FUN to do these 3D figures with collage. All the same elements and principles of design still apply but it's a whole 'nuther ball game working on a 3D surface rather than a 2D surface.

These photos still don't show the finished figure because I'm working on some beaded ribbons to add at the bottom. They may take as long as the rest of her has taken so far! I've also added some straps and trim and one little pink rose, plus a few details with a silver pen. You'll see them in the next--hopefully better--photo!

She is called Candy because she's pink and white and very sweet. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new month and a new "half year"!

And a resolution to get back to posting on a regular basis! I've been very busy and there's no way I'll ever "catch up" here in any sort of order. So, rather than put off getting back to it, I'm just going to start from NOW and move ahead. If I have the opportunity, I'll try to tell you about some of the things that have been happening in the last 2 months when I don't have a daily happening to report.

Right at the moment, I'm not working on a painting but rather on a 3-D collage on a mannequin from the old Gottschalk's store. Several of the stores have been selling their fixtures in the closing up process and I've purchased several. I've been laughing lately about having a car full of "bodies" and now that they have been brought inside, I'm still laughing whenever I pass by the patio room and see the room full of bodies. I have several versions/types of torsos and I have one just about finished and a second in progress. I'm trying to do the second one as my entry for the Madera Ag Show.

Entries are due, in Madera, on a CD next Friday so I feel that I still have LOTS (?) of time. That's sort of a private--or not so private--joke since last year I started "Trois" two days before the CD was due! Photographed it ON the due date and drove it up to Madera before the gallery closed. That's not the way it should be done, but it's often how it gets done. (At least for me.)

Today's photos will show you the "morgue", so to speak, but not the finished project. The one shall remain a surprise but I'll try to share the first one I finished in tomorrow's post. Onward and upward, right?