Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Stand Gallery Open Studio Event, tomorrow--May lst, 2010!

The annual Open Studio Tour at the Art Stand Gallery in Minkler is tomorrow, May lst, 2010!

My home/studio/gallery is one of the stops on this fun, "mini" open studio event. Preparations are almost complete and we're wondering what else can go wrong at the last minute that will top a broken vaccum, toilet problems, continual rain and gusty winds? Hmmmmmmm. Not much!

Actually, everything is now under control and it looks like the weather will be perfect. So come on out tomorrow and visit with Kay Owens, Toni Best, Vivian Capone, and Julie Mitchell at Studio #1 and then drive on to visit the other Art Stand artists and some guests and new Art Stand members!

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Solo Show at the Sanger Branch Library

Last Monday, Roy and I took 18 full sheet paintings--
watercolor and mixed media--to the Sanger Branch Library
in Downtown Sanger, CA. It took a couple of hours
for one of the librarians to hang the paintings, with our help.
I haven't had a show at the library before, but I decided to hang large paintings there because of the high ceilings and spacious walls.

It certainly wouldn't have been something we would have
wanted to do--not me, for sure, because I am absolutely NO
good on a ladder. I do NOT like heights at all. But we helped with carrying, handing them up, and preparing the "cards" to hang with each painting.

I had decided to include a description card for each painting
so that people can read them and know more about why
and how each painting was created. If the venue is agreeable,
I have been using them at all of my shows and I find that they make a big difference. People seem to take time to read them and to "browse" more slowly when they have them than when they don't.

Here you see
several views of
the show, from
different angles.
Most of the
paintings hang in a
group of 3, but there
are three (like "Hocus
Pocus", below)
that hang in a narrower space by themself.

"Cosmic Quilt" also hangs alone, as does
"Strong Language". In the next few shots, you
see "panoramic views" of one wall in each photo.

The library is located at 1812 Seventh Street. The cross street is DeWitt Avenue and the phone number is 875-2435 so you can call for directions or to check on library hours. Going east on Jensen Ave. through town, turn right (south) on Hoag and go less than 1 block to turn (left) into the parking lot at the back of the library which is right on Seventh Street.

I hope you can view the show while it is in Sanger. It will probably be there until June. I will post hours of operation and the exact ending date of the show here. The only bad thing about showing so many paintings at the library is that I don't have many at home for the Open Studio Tour on May lst.

Guess I'd better get to work, framing etc! If you see the show, tell me which is your favorite painting, if you don't mind. We artists LOVE feedback and often we don't get much. It really does help us to know which paintings are appealing to people and why. Thanks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Madera Wine Trail--back in February!

I'm finally ready to "catch up" on some posts that I started but never finished. The first event to  belatedly-blog about is the Madera Wine Trails "Wine and Chocolate" weekend which took place in mid-February. Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous--sunny, dry, clear, and quite warm. Roy came with me to Birdstone Winery both days of the weekend. We had 2 great lunches, tried some more Birdstone wines--our personal favorite, so far, is their port!--saw some old and new friends, and made some new friends.

I did my first Wine Trails show at Birdstone in November of 2009 and returned for the second time in February 2010. I really enjoyed being there and the events, in general. People love to do wine tasting and it's a great opportunity to meet new art lovers and collectors.

I decided to try something new with my art for the February event. Instead of painting new wine paintings, I decided to do some "Love" paintings instead since they would be shown over Valentine's Day weekend. I also decided to give a 14% discount on any one item purchased on the holiday weekend. Valentine's Day. . . . Feb. 14. . . . . 14% discount. . . . . .  :)

The discount and the wine paintings were both popular and I'm glad I tried a new subject. Everyone loves love, right? So it was a good decision, I think.

The next Wine Trail weekend is coming up in May--on the 15th and 16th. Roy and I will be there both days and also look forward to attending the "Release Party on the Grass" on Saturday evening. Day time hours will be from 10 till 5 both days and the release party is from 5:30 till 9 on Saturday night. The places to go to for more information are Birdstone Winery and Madera Wine Trails.

Mark your calendars and make your reservations--buy a glass!--for this upcoming special event!

Also, check to see my updated list of upcoming events and activities! And if you haven't "friended" me on Facebook, please look for me there soon. I have an individual page (Kathleen Mattox) and a Fan Page, under "Mixed Messages" by Kathleen Mattox. Hope to chat with you on Facebook, soon!