Sunday, February 22, 2009


I hadn't looked at the clock and I just realized that it's now Sunday, no longer Saturday! I could change my goal number on the large painting window, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow when one more is finished since I can't make it say "4 3/4's" anyway. I have 4 full sheets finished and signed and the 5th is just waiting for one fourth of it to be "hit" with the mouth atomizer. But to do that properly, I need to let the rest of the painting dry overnight.

Three of the four are brand new and one is quite old and I redid it somewhat, but I think that still counts since it has never even been framed. Number 5 is also new, for the "Green" show coming up in April at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. I am trying to get ready for the ACA (Alliance of California Artists) show in Visalia; receiving is next Saturday morning. We can each enter 3 paintings and I want to have 1 each in watercolor, mixed media, and contemporary. All of mine could go in contemporary and most in mixed media, but I'm stretching to do one that's strictly watercolor. It takes every thing I've got to resist adding paper and pen, but I am going to this time.

The pure watercolor is a musical painting that I started last night and finished tonight. It's going to fit beautifully into the "Wine, Women, Words. . . . and a few bits of Song" theme that I'm working on. I love doing calligraphy with watercolor and that's what I did in it. Not named as yet, I will enter it unless I change my mind. It's not a terribly "serious" painting, but it definitely fits my 2 requirements of being fun and interesting for me to paint and fun and interesting for viewers to look at. So, I will enter it. But I have a lot to do before Saturday because all 3 are new and will need matted and framed. 

For now, I'm off to bed. No photo with this post, but more soon.

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