Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The framing saga continues--

Well, last night, I told you I had 2 out of 3 paintings framed for Saturday's show. Tonight, everything was going well on the last one--I trimmed the foam board, cut the white top mat, added the light green inner mat, secured the painting, stacked everything up, cleaned the plexiglass, and stripped off the blue plastic on both sides. Then, after cleaning off every cat hair in the house that came to socialize on the surface of the white top mat, I took one last long look before adding the metal frame strips. The bad news was that there was a defect in the plexi and I couldn't finish the job. :( Darn. So, tomorrow, I'll have to take that piece back and get another. See why I didn't wait until Friday? (Although I have many times in the past!) I guess the good news was that I did see it and didn't continue and have it go up at the show with a noticeable problem.

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