Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday evening

Well, I managed to make my goal(s) look prettier in the sidebar, but I haven't moved off of zero on either one of them as yet. I put a frame around them and saved them (cropped) and then imported them into a gadget. . . .and it worked! Now, why can't I get off of zero? LOL

Actually, I will move very soon. I am working on 3 large paintings and they are nearly finished. And I have about 6-7 small ones almost completed, too. So, when the zeros change they won't just change to 1's! Thank goodness! But I do want to see the numbers moving upwards.

There is a show coming up the last day of the month, and in April I am having a solo show at the Reedley Opera House, and there will be the theme show in April and May at Timberline. So, I have a lot of things in the works and I will have new paintings very soon.

Today, I've painted a lot but didn't take any photos. (Some things need to remain secrets, you know!?)  Tomorrow is the Double Reed Day at Fresno State and I'll be there most of the day. So, tomorrow evening I will be back to painting and posting. More soon!

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