Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day!

And I don't know if he officially saw his shadow or not! Just like I didn't know until late today who won the Super Bowl! I admit to being VERY uninformed about some events at some times. It's just that they aren't my priorities so I don't pay a lot of attention to them. But I do need to do better about staying up with world news etc.

Last night, I added 5 photographs of paintings to the little "slide show" that's at the bottom of my blog. Check them out! I will try to continue adding more as I have more. I will include one of them with today's post also. It is called "Energized" and its' inspiration was the elements and principles of design. It started out as a full sheet painting--22" X 30"-- but I cut it down to somewhat smaller and incorporated most of the parts I cut off into the finished painting. It has some strips woven into it, some pieces collaged on and some other interesting textures and patterns. It can hang either horizontally or vertically, but I think that it is more "uplifting" with the triangle shape pointing upwards.

The current project that I'm working on, in conjunction with the marketing salon that I'm attending, is an update of all my "desktop publishing" items and the addition of some new ones. I've updated and reprinted my trifold brochure, my business cards, made new letterhead, revised my return address labels, made stickers, and am working on several other items. When I finish them all, I think I'll make a list of the whole "package" and see what might still be missing. As I said, or someone else did the other day, "presentation is everything"! I don't think it is EVERYthing, but I do think that it's a very important part of marketing and publicity and getting your name out there. Attention to detail in matters of presentation indicates (to me, at least) an attention to detail in other areas of both art and life. :)

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