Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A whirlwind week. . . . .

It's been a busy week in Fallbrook, California,
at the Robert Burridge weekend. I haven't had
time to post a couple of photos of the jacket
that Mary Lee and I worked on last weekend
and will work on again this coming weekend.
We're still at the stage of sewing pieces onto
the sweatshirt with the shirt opened out flat.
We think we are almost 3/4's done with the

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Snoozy Sunday" was "Sewing Sunday" today!

Mary Lee and I worked on the jacket from about 10 AM till 2 PM and it is now well more than 3/4's done! We think it looks spectacular and it is going together without any problems so far. It's really fun to apply color and think about the principles and elements of design without following a traditional "pattern". Very freeing, very creative, and an excellent project to do collaboratively. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Special Event" Clothing--

As artists, we are part of quite a lot of special art events such as receptions, show openings, demonstrations, club meetings, classes and workshops etc. I feel that I need to look like an artist at such events by wearing something (usually just 1 piece of clothing that says "artist", "lover of color and design", "funky" etc.) that reflects our artistic self. Not to say that I only wear 1 piece of clothing, of course, but that usually just one special jacket or scarf or top or vest is all it takes! LOL

Some of the fabrics
A colorful palette!
This weekend, I'm at my sister Mary Lee's in Chino, CA and we are making a jacket that I am hoping to wear to special events. It's made out of a pre-washed sweatshirt that is covered with scraps of material of your choice, machine applied and later embellished.

Different sizes and shapes
Beginning of a sleeve
Tonight's photos show just  a few of the "getting organized" stages and the beginning of our sewing. We are much further along now and I'll post more tomorrow. It's going to be bright, cheerful, fun, and addictive! And colorful. . . .and layered, as well. :)

You cut the sweatshirt open so that you can apply the pieces on a totally flat surface, so it's easy to work on. More photos soon!

An Artist's Wardrobe. . . .

One of my goals for this year it to "upgrade" my wardrobe, both my day to day work wear and my "special event" wear. When I was a school administrator, I dressed very differently than I dress as a full-time artist. So, what does an artist wear, you ask?

Hmmmmmm. Well, THIS artist dresses very simply. I usually wear jeans and layers of T-shirts and socks. I guess I dress like I paint, in mixed, colorful layers. LOL

For example, right now I have on:

•blue jeans (more like leggings almost, probably from WalMart or KMart)
•black socks with red short socks (scotty dog motif)  over them--$1 at Target!
•silver Archapedico flats
•a red $5 tank top (worn backwards so it shows more color)
•black henley T-shirt bought on sale about 6 years ago at Chico's. 
•Brighton necklace that has multiple charms on a ring on a chain. I love it because the little palette charm hanging in the middle says "Art is Life!" There's also a little laptop charm, multiple colored spacers, "You Only Live Once!", "Dream", "Joy", a four leaf clover, and a  black L.O.L.

•red and black glasses (just readers, so I can have different colors)

I get up, get dressed, fix my hair and put on makeup EVERY day and I never go out looking sloppy. My clothes are inexpensive but I  make it an artistic endeavor to look "put together" and a little quirky, as I think an artist can do and get by with.

Try it! You might love it, too! Next topic? My latest piece of "special event" clothing. . . . .

Accountability Saturday. . . .

"Cheers" (30" X 38" watercolor by Kathleen Mattox)
Well, here it is Saturday again and I've been highly unaccountability on my goals relating to the large acrylic and the flannel quilt. But. . . . I've prepared LOTS of gessoed squares for the workshop which starts next Monday, otherwise prepared, packed and traveled to Chino where I'm staying with my sister and brother in law for the weekend. My sister and I are making a jacket which relates to another of my personal goals--updating my "artist's wardrobe"! So, mostly no--related to my accountability goals for the week. But yes, I've been productive!

"Follow Up Friday(s)"

On "Fridays", I will follow up by sending personal, hand-written cards or postcards to at least 3-5 people each week. I will follow up with my collectors, prospects, and other artist friends. It is important to establish and maintain personal contact. I plan to gather a supply of postcards showing my art and greeting cards of my newest works and have them ready for note-writing on Fridays.

"Task-Oriented Thursday(s)"

On Thursdays, my plan is to make sure my task list is under control. If there is any extra (is there such a thing?) time, I will focus on updating the task list and checking off tasks. I guess the big questions are:

"A Question of Time" (W/C & Pen, 38" X 30") by Kathleen Mattox

1. Will there be any extra time?

2. Which tasks to focus on? Prioritizing is always the issue for me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Welcoming Wednesday(s)"

On Wednesday each week, I will make an effort to meet another artist for coffee or a chat or invite another artist into my home studio. It may not happen every week, but I will make an effort for a visit or at least a phone conversation each week.

Who would like to be first? In fact, I can start a list!! :)

"Tweaky Tuesday(s)"

Tuesdays will be the day each week that I "tweak" my plan--I review and revisit my goals, my calendar, my tasks, my routines, and my progress. If need be, I will "tweak" things so that I AM making progress on my goals. I will remember that a "dream is a goal. . . . with a deadline" as I look at deadlines and make sure that I am meeting them.