Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving Ahead

Before I move ahead and away from the energy of One World, One Heart, I'd like to thank Lisa (its organizer) for all she did on the huge project. I think everyone would deem it an extraordinary success--beyond her wildest dreams, I am sure! So, thank you, Lisa. Also I'd like to thank everyone who visited my blog, signed up for my giveaways, and explored my artistic world as shown on "Mixed Messages". Thank you also to those of you who have sent nice compliments and have become followers. I hope to get to know you better over the coming weeks and months. The 2 winners of my giveaways have contacted me and their prizes will soon be in the mail. Congratulations! And thank you for participating, ALL OF YOU!

Life brings us such unexpected happenings and we have to learn to go with the flow and assume they all happen for a reason. Yesterday morning I got a call from an artist friend asking if I had 2-3 paintings that I could get to her right away to be in a small show at a winery for the next month. So, knowing that wine paintings are very popular in the central San Joaquin Valley, I said "Sure!" and hopped in the car to gather up the 3 that I currently have finished and framed. Getting them collected and ready to send off this afternoon took me away from what I had planned for the day, but I think it will be good exposure to a new group of people and I welcome that. I sent "Jewel Tones" (can be seen on my slide show), "Parallels" (also on the slide show, it depicts words that describe wine AND women both), and "Through Rose Colored Glasses." Also some prints and cards and PR materials. We will see what comes of it. (Crossing fingers. . . . . )

This morning, I was up really late (or early, depending upon how you look at it!) trying to get my Etsy store set up. I wasn't very successful but I will persist and explore other storefronts more tonight or tomorrow. I think it's a good venue for some of my smaller items, not my full sheet framed mixed media works necessarily. I am struggling with pricing, shipping costs, and creating a banner. In time, I will be successful at it though.

Well, I want to watch Westminster even though I know who won. There are so many new breeds that it's exciting to see them in the groups and Best in Show. After breeding and showing Gordon Setters and Irish Setters for over 25 years, I still love the dog show scene, even if it's now from afar! Today's photo is of Cooper, our one current dog. He is the first small dog (13#) that we've ever owned and the only mixed breed. Shown here rather untrimmed, he is a darling dog--part Lhasa Apso and part Jack Russell terrier. He is cute and smart and funny and, you might suspect, spoiled rotten! We love him a lot and so do all 3 kitties, all of whom weigh more than he does!

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