Friday, February 6, 2009

A Rainy Day

We need the rain but it's really been a wet one today, with a lot of mud and standing water as a result. Tomorrow is the day to set up at The Art Stand Gallery (an artists' coop that I belong to) and it will be a challenge in the rain. But, maybe it will stop and all will be well. I'll try to take some photos if we get set up and post them here. You can check it out at anytime, though.

After some errands, I've been painting today on a couple of paintings for the "Being Green" show to be held in April and May at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. One is a large abstract and it's all shades of green, with lots of different green papers collaged on. It's going fairly well. While I was working on it, I had an idea for another green painting which I started on also. I think I'll keep that one "under wraps" for the moment, until I have something to show. Or maybe until it goes up at the show--or maybe until it doesn't go up at the show!? It's sort of a spoof in a way. . . . a statement on how you don't even really have to be able to draw to create an interesting, engaging piece of art. But I'll reserve judgment on THAT until I see if it's going to actually work. (Hint: I'm tearing paper for the main subjects of the painting--so it's very simplistic.)

I just looked up "spoof" and the dictionary says this:

Nonsense; tomfoolery.
A hoax.
A gentle satirical imitation; a light parody.

So maybe spoof wasn't the right word. It's more a simplification or artistic statement, I guess.

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