Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Is this what they mean by "mixed media"? As in a big MESS?
I think I am finally ready for tomorrow night's presentation for Grace Rankin's watercolor club in Fremont. Roy and I will drive over for the day and Grace and I will do an evening presentation on journals and sketchbooking. We will each show our own style of keeping a travel sketchbook journal and talk about artist journals in general. I will show how to make some different types of handmade books and how to embellish some commercial ones. We will talk about our July trip to La Romita School of Art in Italy as well. This will be our first co-presentation; we will do a similar demo for the Alliance of California Artists in March in Clovis. I'm off to bed now. More tomorrow!


  1. Hope the presentation was a success...hug, hug

  2. Thanks, Julie. The workshop went very well. People were friendly and appreciative and no one fell asleep!