Thursday, January 14, 2010

Artist Cards--A New "Venture" or Adventure!

Many months, or perhaps even a few years ago, I started a project of collecting quotations related to art. My intention was to create a set of "affirmation cards", crediting the authors of each quote, and presenting the cards in a colorful, unique, and personalized way.

The steps I took were these:

*I made a template of 6 cards per letter sized page, with a geometric border around each one.

*I made a template of a card back, surrounded by the same border and using just one of my paintings for the whole intended "deck".

*Using Sharpie pens, I wrote a quote on each card and colored the borders. I made 52, one per week for the year although the cards could be used in many different ways, as desired by each artist.

*I briefly thought of printing them on my printer, 2 sided, but quickly abandoned the thought due to the quantity of ink it would take and the time involved. Probably 24/7 for about a month. . . .

*I talked about the project with David Bays at Bays Printing on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno and got a price quote.

*I abandoned the idea because I couldn't afford it! Left the masters for the cards at the printer's for months, hoping to come into a "windfall".

*Came into a "windfall" (ha!), returned to the printer, found that the masters (the only copy, of course!)  had been lost or thrown away.

*The cards were found. Yippee! We revised the plan for the cards a bit, now using a large assortment of my paintings for the backs, each surrounded by a black border.

*He printed a sample, I proofed them, and loved them. The printing of 100 sets began.

*Printing was completed and a nightmare day of cutting began for him. It would have been a nightmare YEAR for me had I cut them by hand as I originally planned to do.

*I paid for them, picked them up--a large, heavy box with 55+ rubber-banded sets of cards.

*I started collating them--may never finish!--and started trying to decide on packaging.

*Decided to make (Ha!) 100 boxes using a template, using extra cards for front and back. Started coloring them with Sharpies on white cardstock. Each box is personally "signed" by me.

*Made 3 boxes. Went to the scrapbooking paper department for 2 sided, colorful paper.

*Now have ten boxes complete, plus 2 more that sold yesterday--the first day I showed them to anyone!

*Have orders for 3 more sets and will take them to my class this weekend. Marketing has not yet officially begun.

*Found clear plastic boxes online that are made for 55 trading cards which should be a perfect fit.

*Will order some boxes and offer customers a choice of handmade paper boxes or slightly more durable clear plastic boxes which will save me the time of making a whole 100 paper boxes.

Words of Wisdom and Inspiration for Artists, collected, written out, and packaged
by Kathleen Mattox, Mixed Media Artist, are now available.

Price: $12.00 per set.
Mailed: $13.00 per set.

If you would like a set, leave me a comment below with your name and box color (give me 2 choices, please) desired. I will have most basic colors and some boxes with a pattern on the outside and a different pattern on the inside--really unique! Clear boxes are not yet available. If I can "hand deliver" your set to you, I will. If I need to mail it to you, I'll need an address via my email at

Please let me know what you think and how many sets you would like. These will make great gifts for your artist friends in addition to your own personal set.

PS. For once, it is not yet midnight! How 'bout that?


  1. This is great Kathleen! You did it.A clear plastic box to put them it, that's great. Does this mean I don't get a green one? Just Kidding. Anyway congratulations.

  2. Thanks, Anita! I think they will be perfect. But I plan to offer the cards both ways--so you can still have your green box the next time I see you. :) I won't have the plastic boxes for a bit, but I'll give you one once they do come. So you'll have the best of both worlds.

  3. my goodness, you poured your heart and time into this project. I once considered making a set like this with my photography and poetry. But got lost in the production part. I bow to you!