Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday evening and Saturday evening

I'm still inspired by the idea of painting "love" paintings for the Valentine's Day/Wine & Chocolate weekend. The first one turned out well but the second one is messy. I do want to try a couple more plus I'm contemplating some hand-painted Valentine cards.

We're off to dinner with previous work friends, some that we haven't seen for years. Should be interesting!

Well, it's now Saturday evening and it WAS interesting. A good dinner, a good visit, but the restaurant was too noisy for easy conversation.

Tonight, we went to Reedley for the FMCMEA (Fresno/Madera) honor band concert. The middle school and high school students were really good!

I'm working on "Love is Kind" and will photograph it as soon as it's almost done. Tomorrow is a busy day with a Retirement Luncheon and 2 concerts for Fresno Community Band so I may not get to paint at all. More soon!

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