Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Floral Painting

I have just about finished the splish-splashy painting of a vase of flowers. I didn't draw anything at all--just started in on it. I showed a couple of the early stages in previous posts. Today's photo isn't a good one--it's brighter/whiter in person than the photo shows.

Over all, I'm happy with what happened with the flowers, semi-happy with the background, and not too happy with the vase. Any thoughts on a name?


  1. Really enjoy the colors. Reminds me of 4th of July with the red & white flowers and blue background. Flowers almost look like some fireworks displays I've seen so "Splash of Summer" comes to mind.

  2. Ruth, I like your idea! Thanks so much for sharing and you're right, it does have a very summery feeling that's almost patriotic. You may have the winning name, who knows? Watch and see! I do appreciate your comments and input. :)