Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Small Wonder...."

.... that I'm tired tonight since the brain and the body have both been working overtime.

High points of the day:

1. Timberline board meeting--anything but boring! We will be having a "Small Wonders" show in March and April.

2. Prep for tomorrow's "Art for Life".

3. Clovis Community Band rehearsal

4. Lots of rain!

5. Much needed sleep!


  1. Art for Life....what a wonderful program. Sending you good mojo for today and every day. The Timberline meeting was a good one....Timberline is changing...loosening up. It's a good thing!
    hug, hug

  2. Julie, thank you for the good mojo! I appreciate it and we felt it today. What a great experience for everyone involved. I talked to Janelle about your interest for next year and she was very happy to hear it. I will "hook you up" very soon!

    I agree that Timberline is changing. I see a big difference and a willingness to show excitement and enthusiasm, which I wasn't feeling before. :)