Sunday, January 10, 2010

Help Needed!

I'm hoping maybe you can all help me with a tough decision. I've been reading a lot about the need to make a "style sheet" etc. and to be sure that your blog really shows off your art work to it's best advantage. I'm second-guessing myself in regards to whether mine does that or if it could do it better.

My old blog "look" had the painting called "Juicy" (wine bottles, fruit etc.) at the top. It had a black background and colored type and links, but no graphics along the sides of the screen.

The new blog look is called "Fairy Dust" and it's sparkly and shiny, still with a black background and links but much more flamboyant. The painting used at the top is "And the Ring, Please?" and the header font is "Curlz". The text is curved and more ornate. The slide show now appears at the top of the blog rather than at the bottom so, hopefully, it's easier to find.

The questions I have for you are these and if you wouldn't mind commenting here on the blog or via Facebook, I'd sincerely appreciate it because I want to do what's best for the viewing of my "Mixed Messages" blog.

1. Which do you like better--the old (plainer) blog or the new (sparklier) blog?

2. Do you think the black background is an advantage with the bright colors of my work? Or is it hard to read and you think that a white background would better showcase the artwork?

3. Do you think that the playful new look adds or detracts from the artwork?

Thank you for responding to any or all of these 3 questions. Please add any other thoughts that you have or any suggestions for what you think would make the blog more attractive, appealing, and readable?

One more question might be:

4. What sort of posts are your favorite? Informative, as in info about a technique etc? Philosophical? Photos of my work? News of my activities? None of the above and something else entirely?


  1. I like keep it simple. The less distraction away from your wonderful art the better. Would like to see it against a neutral gray background. I enjoy the varied posts.

  2. I liked the black background which "framed" your selected artwork. I found the white/purple text easy to read even with a visual impairment. Slideshow at the top highlights your artwork to new visitors. Fairy dust on sides was "busy" but purple leaves complimented your art and didn't cover key information. Overall enjoyed this site. I'm new to your FB site so I'm open to a variety of posts.

  3. Anita and Ruth, thank you so much for your responses. I appreciated how specific your comments were especially, Ruth. I may try it on a gray background, Anita, and eliminate the Fairy Dust but I'm going to wait for a few more responses first. I may also leave it on black but I haven't decided as yet. Thanks!