Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Painting, further developed

This photo is of the same painting that I started yesterday, with some additions of paint and line. I have laid some pieces of torn and cut paper on the painting--the "notes" (circular shapes) coming out of the 2 saxophones plus some areas of dark, lacy paper to add the dark path through the painting. Let's see what comes next, when it comes! I think that I will modify the edges of the dark papers so they are less regular and then start gluing things down. This was intended to be a "quick" painting but I can see that I want to do other similar ones, just based upon what I've learned in this one!


  1. I like it...a lot.....Where did the purple wallpaper go??????

  2. Wait till you see it later today! I hope you still like it. Regarding the purple background--"Fairy Dust"--I'm planning around with developing a new look. What do you think of the red and black?

  3. Love the painting, and love the new look of the blog! My favorite colors! I tried commenting but it didn't go through..That's ok because I really like the look now!

  4. I obviously can't spell--meant to say "playing" around with a new look!

    Julie, thanks for your comment--hope you saw my response.

    Dora, thanks for responding also and your comment DID go through; it just appears not to, since it doesn't appear until I approve each new comment. I'm glad you like red and black--so do I, but I'm not sure I'm really done yet. Still contemplating what to do next!