Sunday, January 4, 2009

Magical Inspirations

It is late Sunday evening, the first Sunday in 2009. I apologize for not adding a post to my blog in well over a week now. I am going to make a commitment right now to add something every day, from now on, if at all possible. It may be only a sentence or 2, but I WILL write something. I let too many excuses keep me from writing and there is no excuse at all except NOT doing it! 

I have been trying to formulate some sort of plan of what direction I want to travel in terms of what to write about. Since I seem to be having a problem coming up with a structure, I am going to abandon that idea and truly make this blog more of a journal account of what happened each day. I will just write about something that happened that affected me, artistically, each day. My art is most effective when I don't worry about it's structure much and I anticipate that my blog will be also! Some days, there will be no photo or a painting or anything else, but there will be some words each day. I'm finding that it's a little hard to write when it is not interactive, but I will try to get over that feeling and move forward.

Next week, I am going to begin an Art Marketing Salon experience that will take place every other week for nine weeks. I am eagerly looking forward to interacting with other active artists who want to increase their chances of successfully marketing their art. 

And the week after next, I'm going to take a 4 day class in San Diego from an instructor that I've enjoyed in the past. So, it promises to be an exciting, busy January--especially since The Art Stand Gallery does their Winter Workshops this month and next. I am teaching one class and taking 3 others. A lot of magical inspiration is in the offing--and it's just what I need during this rather dreary weather. Today's painting is called "Hocus Pocus" and it is a mixed media painting (38" X 30") featuring the elements of magic.

Well, more soon--write to me when you can with your comments and please sign up to be a follower of the blog if you'd like to read it regularly. 

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  1. You do wonderful activities ~ you are an inspiration to me ~ i used to teach psychology but have not thought of teaching an art workshop ~ they are so formal here in MA ~ will have to shake them up sometime with funky art ~ altering art ~ Way to go ~ Hugs and namaste, Carol ~ artmusedog