Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 3 of the Design Workshop

I had hoped to have time to take photos today of the Naval Training Center buildings and grounds but there wasn't any chance with a full day of painting. I am including a photo I found on line that shows one of the renovated buildings and you can see how nicely done it is. I'll still try to show more on another day.

Day 3 was as wonderful as days 1 and 2, perhaps
 even better because we're starting to "get the hang of it" at last. As opposed to "value sketches", Karen has taught us to make tiny little "design sketches" in just 2 values. They are small and quick to do and finally getting easier. The beauty of learning the process is that we can use 1 sketch for multiple paintings, just by varying colors, values, and subject matter! That is an exciting thought!

The sketch I did today was fun. I really liked it and can see that I can use it in many ways. Another thing she taught us--though I've heard it many times before, but haven't started really doing it--it is take a photo of our paintings in progress, save them on the computer, and look at them in black and white to see if the values are working. It is a very graphic way to analyze our value system while we still can make changes to the painting that will make it a stronger one. I will include a photo of one of the small studies I've been working on here, in black and white.

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