Thursday, January 29, 2009


This whole OWOH experience is really exciting! I've visited a lot of new blogs and plan to check out a lot more in upcoming days. I'm enjoying it all and marveling at how varied the giveaways are. I am also learning how to do a lot of brand new things. Talk about a steep learning curve! Yikes! But that's what keeps us young, right?

I can now see why people put their original OWOH post and logo in the sidebar. I'm contemplating now about what to do to adjust so that mine doesn't "fall off the bottom" and disappear from view before February 11th. Hmmmmmm. I could just not post for a while, but I made a commitment to do my best to post every day. Oh, well--onward and upward!

{Obviously, it was an easy fix to just keep changing the posting date each day to keep the OWOH post at the top of the list! Duh!?}

1 comment:

  1. Well Duh maybe....I didn't think of that at all, and not sure I know how to do it...but thanks, you've given me another task... :)