Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Work and Play

Today was the second meeting of the Art Marketing Salon group in Coarsegold. We are meeting as a group, with a designated leader (Julie Mitchell) to follow the "plan" established by Alyson Stanfield,  Art Biz Coach. Her website is and her blog can be followed at There is a definite time commitment involved (which makes the process somewhat hard and serious work), but there is also a feeling of fun, playfulness, and developing collegiality. 

As I read Alyson's  blog today, one paragraph stood out to me. It started out by saying: "Presentation is everything." And then went on to say: "It's the small things that make a difference and distinguish us from others. As an artist, it’s your attention to the detail of your matting, framing, and display. It’s the care you give your printed materials and your Web site that announce to the world that you’re a professional. It’s the care with which you treat each person you run into because you know they might be a customer one day—that you show them respect and trust." And I know from personal experience that this really is the truth.

I am enjoying meeting with other like-minded artists to discuss common concerns and share our hopes and goals regarding our careers as artists. The process is causing me to focus on the critical pieces of marketing and public relations that I might neglect otherwise. Today, we had lunch together after the meeting and that was rather like one of Julia Cameron's suggested "artist dates". We're getting to know each other better and coming to respect each others' opinions and advice. I look forward to the next meeting in 2 weeks.

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  1. Hi Kathleen,
    The Marketing Salon is fun isn't it...I think we have a good group and we'll all get out of it what we put in to it...I guess at the top of the list in regards to the Salon is we are making art networking friends too. I think Anita Stoll will be joining us.
    We mentioned the possibility having a show with all of us...and at the Fresno Art Museum reception on Friday I chatted with the curator of Arts Visalia about a show...He is interested...It's a great venue...let's see where this goes. A
    And while I have your attention...I put you name in the google search today and you blog comes up but there was no where to click to get to you. You may want to check it out.
    Thanks for the name submissions and for entering the One World ~ One Heart give away!
    See you Sunday...julie