Monday, January 12, 2009

Gone South for the Winter. . . . .

. . . . but it feels like Spring! I am sitting on my daughter Meghan's couch at 9:45 PM on Monday evening. As we drove back to her apartment a few minutes ago, it was 74 degrees in Van Nuys, near Los Angeles.

I drove down this afternoon, picked her up from work, and we had dinner at Koji's, a Shabu Shabu Japanese restaurant in the shopping mall at Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood. The mall is a very "upscale" one--in fact, it is the location of the annual Oscar awards ceremony! My photos today show some of the features of the mall at night, captured on my iPhone--they came out pretty well, amazingly. 

We walked around a little and I saw a store called "Varga" that was the cutest and most unique shop I've seen in a long while. Lots of one of a kind items of clothing, but everything was displayed with retro and vintage collectable items which were also for sale. A shop well worth visiting, just for the ambiance and the inspiration. It  reminded me that there is more than one way to "skin a cat", or set up a retail business, or paint a painting! (Not Rocket Science, right? But we do forget it sometimes.)

We also saw an interesting restaurant/internet cafe in the same mall. I took a photo through the glass window and you can somewhat see how it was set up in one of the dining rooms. But there was a monitor at each place at the bar counter, and two monitors, back to back with each other in the middle of the table, on each table for two. It was called "uWink" and it was an interesting and unique concept. I imagine it will be a while before the idea reaches Fresno!

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