Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, the 4th day of an excellent workshop

But I am tired. . . . and energized, all at the same time! I can hardly wait to get home and start painting some new paintings based on what I've learned this week. I have no doubt they will be stronger in terms of design than before, so I am very eager to get to work on some new pieces! My plan is to to figure out some sort of a real schedule and plan to be IN THE STUDIO a certain amount of time each day. I've said that before and not followed through on it. Although I am fairly fast and quite productive, I think I could do a lot more if I was really serious about painting every single day. (And practicing every day. . . .and exercising every day. . . . and. . . .and. . . . !!)

Today, we continued working on the paintings we started yesterday. Karen demonstrated and we followed the steps in the process that she described. At the end of the day, she critiqued the new piece and the ones we did earlier in the week. We all were pleased with what we did, but we realize we have a lot of room to grow, in terms of incorporating really strong design into our paintings.

The photos today show some scenes during the critique time and some other shots of the classroom/kitchen area. San Diego people have NO idea how lucky they are to have such a wonderful set up and location and also to have the caliber of nationally recognized artists that they contract for demos and monthly workshops.

I am so glad that I went and was able to be part of Karen Knutson's workshop! I certainly debated about it because of the expense (hotel, registration, gas, food) but it was well worth it. Thank you, Karen, and thank you to all the San Diego artists for your warmth, hospitality, and friendliness! It was greatly appreciated all week.

Tonight, I am staying in Pasadena so that tomorrow I can go to a Bead and Design Convention before I go home! No work to this one, just fun looking at all the beads, embellishments etc.

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