Saturday, April 4, 2009

All My Children

That's pretty funny, for a title, since I only have 1 child! And pretty "soap-opera-ish", too!

Today, I "sat" at Timberline Gallery and worked on updating my inventory list there. It's always good to take in new items (in this case, the ones for the "Being Green" show)  and remove ones that have been in a particular location for a while. They haven't sold and sometimes it's because they need to be freshened up, relabeled, repackaged--or maybe they just aren't up to par!? But when I'm collecting my pieces from the 3 galleries I'm in, I always say (or feel) that I'm "gathering up my children" from here, there, and everywhere.

I am currently in the process of "regrouping" and redistributing paintings before the Reedley Opera House show the end of April. I will "shuffle" things around between Timberline, The Art Stand Gallery, and Circle Gallery in Madera so that I have what I need for Reedley. Plus, trying to finish some new paintings up before the show as well. Being an artist is never dull, believe me!

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