Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Experiment

Tuesday was a sort of quiet day, but not a very productive one. I've been struggling with organizing my long art mailing list, trying to consolidate a lot of lists into one master list. It has taken me forever and I'm still not "there" with it. I have a March newsletter done and past due to send, but I'm trying to finish cleaning up the list first.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try posting it here and see if you can view/access it. Would you please let me know via a comment if you can get to it HERE on my aDrive storage place and see it. Click HERE! Does it seem like you could print it if you wanted to? My plan is to send it to everyone on my email list plus post it on the blog. I wanted it out on March lst and I failed miserably at that. The Art Stand Gallery event, last Saturday, wasn't sent out as a reminder and the ACA show in Visalia is there too, but it's up all month.

Well, see what happens and please let me know, OK? THANKS! :)

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