Friday, March 6, 2009

ACA Reception in Visalia

Tonight was the opening reception for the ACA show at Arts Visalia. The club was well represented and so was the community. The people came steadily throughout the evening and seemed to enjoy the well-arranged show in the attractive gallery. It's always interesting to me as an artist to watch people look at my paintings and then approach them to tell them a little more about whichever piece is their favorite. At this show, all 3 of my paintings are hanging together in one of the smaller rooms, viewable from outside. I talked to several people and gave some my card. It was good practice and good exposure. Now I need to get ready for tomorrow's Blossom Trail event at the Art Stand Gallery.

The paintings accompanying this post are "Fleur-y", made of almost all Japanese papers, "Coming to Terms", a watercolor of musical terms, and "Guiseppe", an abstract of all shades of green, blue, and yellow.


  1. So sorry I missed the reception...too much to do after my trip. Darn! Glad you had a good turnout and that you enjoyed yourself....j

  2. Sorry you missed it also, but I totally understand. I did talk to Kevin briefly and will tell you more about that when I see you. Thanks for thinking good thoughts even though you weren't there.