Thursday, January 3, 2013

I tried to FOCUS in 2012. . . .

I think I started 2012 off with a post about my word for the year. That word was "Focus". I still need to maintain focus on my gallery in Sanger as my primary artistic effort, but I think that I have moved in the right direction toward making that a big priority. In the effort to focus, I have done the following things in 2012:

1. Decided to leave the other galleries that I've been in--first the Art Stand, then Timberline, and next week, Circle Gallery in Madera. I'm sad to leave the galleries and to not be as connected to Minkler, Oakhurst, and Madera, but I need to spend the time on developing connections in Sanger.

2. Tried to maintain regular gallery hours 5 days/week, 7 hours per day, only being away when I couldn't avoid it--concert days for community band, family emergencies (haven't had any), and illness (haven't been ill!).

3. Held expenses to a mininum whenever possible, on supplies, framing etc. I've recycled frames, bought them on sale, and cut my own mats all year.

4. Worked hard on developing a line of "products" which I call the "Sanger Items" that are images of Sanger. I have multiple items printed and available and they have been popular sellers. I think that they have brought more people into the gallery and, consequently, increased sales of non-Sanger items.

5. Expanded the gift offerings at the gallery by adding small items (ceramics, Suji wire art, goats milk soap) and including guest artists in monthly Art Hop events.

So, in 2012,  focus, I did. . . . .

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