Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Special Event" Clothing--

As artists, we are part of quite a lot of special art events such as receptions, show openings, demonstrations, club meetings, classes and workshops etc. I feel that I need to look like an artist at such events by wearing something (usually just 1 piece of clothing that says "artist", "lover of color and design", "funky" etc.) that reflects our artistic self. Not to say that I only wear 1 piece of clothing, of course, but that usually just one special jacket or scarf or top or vest is all it takes! LOL

Some of the fabrics
A colorful palette!
This weekend, I'm at my sister Mary Lee's in Chino, CA and we are making a jacket that I am hoping to wear to special events. It's made out of a pre-washed sweatshirt that is covered with scraps of material of your choice, machine applied and later embellished.

Different sizes and shapes
Beginning of a sleeve
Tonight's photos show just  a few of the "getting organized" stages and the beginning of our sewing. We are much further along now and I'll post more tomorrow. It's going to be bright, cheerful, fun, and addictive! And colorful. . . .and layered, as well. :)

You cut the sweatshirt open so that you can apply the pieces on a totally flat surface, so it's easy to work on. More photos soon!


  1. This looks the colors.

  2. Thank you, Kay. It really IS a lot of fun. I like the bright, eclectic mix of colors, too.

  3. I have many sweat shirts ready for this!
    I found your blog via another along my surfing today. I'll be back.

    Stephanie ♥