Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Artist's Wardrobe. . . .

One of my goals for this year it to "upgrade" my wardrobe, both my day to day work wear and my "special event" wear. When I was a school administrator, I dressed very differently than I dress as a full-time artist. So, what does an artist wear, you ask?

Hmmmmmm. Well, THIS artist dresses very simply. I usually wear jeans and layers of T-shirts and socks. I guess I dress like I paint, in mixed, colorful layers. LOL

For example, right now I have on:

•blue jeans (more like leggings almost, probably from WalMart or KMart)
•black socks with red short socks (scotty dog motif)  over them--$1 at Target!
•silver Archapedico flats
•a red $5 tank top (worn backwards so it shows more color)
•black henley T-shirt bought on sale about 6 years ago at Chico's. 
•Brighton necklace that has multiple charms on a ring on a chain. I love it because the little palette charm hanging in the middle says "Art is Life!" There's also a little laptop charm, multiple colored spacers, "You Only Live Once!", "Dream", "Joy", a four leaf clover, and a  black L.O.L.

•red and black glasses (just readers, so I can have different colors)

I get up, get dressed, fix my hair and put on makeup EVERY day and I never go out looking sloppy. My clothes are inexpensive but I  make it an artistic endeavor to look "put together" and a little quirky, as I think an artist can do and get by with.

Try it! You might love it, too! Next topic? My latest piece of "special event" clothing. . . . .


  1. What a fun way to go! Our artist collective is interested in the red socks. We put on ours to rev up the art-making experience, then dance around a while to get the juices flowing.
    Rose & Friends

    1. Those red socks are almost as old as I am. (Just kidding!) I have socks from the beginning of time. They ARE very cute, with the little black scotties on them. Has your collective every explored the "sock sites" that sell nothing but cute socks? I love them!

  2. This sounds a little like how my day begins.
    Laurel Burch is one of my favorite artists. I have been a loyal purchaser of her wonderful cloth and purses. She will be missed when the family no longer has her works to draw from. The cats is one of my favs.