Saturday, February 5, 2011

Accountability Saturday. . . .

"Cheers" (30" X 38" watercolor by Kathleen Mattox)
Well, here it is Saturday again and I've been highly unaccountability on my goals relating to the large acrylic and the flannel quilt. But. . . . I've prepared LOTS of gessoed squares for the workshop which starts next Monday, otherwise prepared, packed and traveled to Chino where I'm staying with my sister and brother in law for the weekend. My sister and I are making a jacket which relates to another of my personal goals--updating my "artist's wardrobe"! So, mostly no--related to my accountability goals for the week. But yes, I've been productive!


  1. I think I put stuff in the way of getting my art going. I feel compelled to get the housework and bills done or I am fretting over it..even if I have set a creative goal for myself. I can empathize with you on the accountability front. Still you are ready for the workshop and when you get there it will be more fun because you are ready!!! I was wondering what an artist's wardrobe(jacket) looks like for you!! I keep thinking I need to to upgrade my look from studio ratty jeans and flannel shirts and t-shirts to something colorful and funky..but then I feel a bit self conscious..still if I dress the part will I feel the part?

  2. Kay, we all let other things get in our way of studio time. That's what I'm trying to get myself organized enough to be able to avoid doing. (Poor sentence, but hopefully you'll understand it.) I'm going to show photos of my jacket and tell about my artist wardrobe in my next post or 2. And to answer your question, I do think it helps to "look" the part of an artist. Somehow everything we do should reflect our creativity, in MY mind. :) Thanks for commenting and bringing up such good points.

  3. Hi Kathleen,
    I am so impressed with your beautiful art. You are blessed with a great talent.
    So... I'm a new follower,hope you'll join my blog as well