Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Goals for 2011

In the coming year, my goals are these:

1. Paint a new painting of any size each week. Think about it's matting and framing though the painting may need some "resting" time before it actually goes into the frame.

2. Complete at least one unfinished project from the past each week. It might be a painting, a sewing project, a quilt, a management or publicity task, an organizational project or anything else related to my artistic life.

3. Blog about my process toward meeting these 2 (above) goals each week.

Each week on Monday (henceforth to be called "Melodramatic Monday" due to the drama of getting into the studio early Monday or even on Sunday, heaven for bid), the piece of art work and the UFO(s)--unfinished object(s)--for the week will be selected.

Each week on Saturday (henceforth to be called "Accountability Saturday"), I will blog about my progress toward meeting my painting goal and my UFO goal for the week.

This week, the painting is a large acrylic (2' X 4') that will be a floral painting to hang in the bedroom and be a "companion" to the flannel quilt that still remains to be machine quilted. I think that will be next weeks' UFO.

This week, the unfinished object is to complete some small origami collages and find frames for them.

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