Monday, January 17, 2011

Accountability Saturday and Melodramatic Monday--all on Monday! :(

"Creativity"--I had a giclee print done this week on canvas. It's 16" X 20", ready to hang just as it is because it's finished on all 4 edges. $225 plus CA tax. A "must have", perhaps, for artists' studios and all creative people.       

Whoops! It's been a busy weekend, with Friday and Saturday as a student and Sunday and Monday, as a teacher. How did I do on my goals?  Not good, on the specific ones I set since I didn't work on the acrylic painting or machine quilting the quilt. I didn't touch either one. But how did I do on creating a new painting and finishing up an old one?

1. I made a beautiful journal for my affirmations in the book class last Friday. I finished up the cards for the pockets today so all I have to do is write on them. I started 2 watercolors on Saturday and did another small abstract yesterday in the class I taught.

2. In terms of finishing an uncompleted project, I caught up on my homework for the "Blast Off" online class and bagged a bunch of greeting cards and worked on straightening up one of my work tables in the studio. I'm emptying a drawer for the unfinished work so that it's all together.

So what are the goals for this week?

1. Finish the acrylic painting.
2. Start machine quilting the quilt.
3. Gather supplies for Robert Burridge's class that starts February 7 and prepare the paper with gesso.

A mixed bag this week--unsuccessful in some ways, productive in others. . . . .  the story of life in general, I guess. . . .


  1. My new goals:
    1-encourage my son and his wife to move out(gently)
    and turn their room into a studio,

    2-read more than I do, which is more than a lot

    3-finish 2 acrylics I have started, and everyone else thinks they are done, but I know they aren't
    4-create a 36-48" piece for my dining room, that is representative of of the Breastplate of the 12 tribes of Israel......gems, color, has been brewing for quite a while now.......the idea......done....
    the plan.....still in the makes

    Even though I have never met you Kathleen, I feel like we would so totally get along, I love that you love color, I love that you use different mediums, and I love that you teach.......thanks

  2. We DO so totally get along. We just have to actually meet! I love your goals and I assume they are for more than 1 week especially the 3' x 4' painting.It sounds wonderful. :) I also believe that 60% or more of the painting time is in the planning and imagining stages.

    Thanks for the great comment!

  3. I enjoy your "progress" posts, Kathleen. Inspiring and helpful to assist others in actually take action steps. If we don't visual and timeline the goals...well, they (the action part and path) just don't happen. Congrats and thanks for sharing. DCR