Monday, January 24, 2011

Melodramatic Monday. . . or is it Melancholy Monday?

Or is it Messed Up Monday?

How did I do on last weeks' goals which were as follows:

1. Finish the acrylic painting.  (Nope, didn't touch it.)
2. Start machine quilting the quilt.  (Nope, didn't touch it.)
3. Gather supplies for Robert Burridge's class that starts February 7 and prepare the paper with gesso.
(I have most of the supplies gathered and ready but I still need to gesso the paper and get a few things.)

So, what are this weeks' goals? 

1. Work on the acrylic.  
2. Work on the quilt. 
3. Gesso the paper and get the rest of  the supplies. 

Not a good week for my art goals though I did meet with some of Sisters7 and learn to make fabric paper. That was fun!

Also had 2 aunts pass away within a day of each other and went to 2 memorial services. That was not fun, though seeing my cousins from far far away was.

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