Friday, July 3, 2009

More about Candy and Clementine. . . .

Candy, remember, is mannequin #1. She is named Candy because (I'm repeating myself, here!) she's pink and white and very sweet. :) And even though she's not a painting, I'm going to count her as my large painting for the week once she is complete. She has taken more time than some paintings do but it's really been fun and interesting and productive, too. I learned a lot about working on a 3D surface and I'm trying out some new mediums also--such as Clear Gesso and self-levelling gel medium. All I need to do now, I think, is finish the beaded ribbons hanging from her waist. I am about 1/4 of the way around her and I do like the effect. I just took the photos about 5 minutes ago in my studio and I apologize for the photography and the busy backgrounds. It was the best I could do tonight. Also, you'll see the beading isn't done but you'll get the idea anyway.

Clementine (mannequin #2) is going to be one of my entries into the Madera Ag show, which has a July 10th deadline for image submission. She is larger and more complex and took a lot more time than Candy did. And she went through a lot of awkward stages and I'm still not totally enthralled with her. But there are parts I like very much so I'm going to go ahead with her, finish her, photograph her, enter her--and see what happens. She may not be accepted, but I think it's worth a try. The 3-D-ness of her will add a different note and perhaps someone who raises citrus fruit will fall in love with her. :)

I'm not going to photograph her yet because she also is not quite finished, plus I think she should remain a surprise until the entries go in and maybe even until the show happens, if she is accepted. I am beading ribbons on her also and they will take some time to finish. So once I've posted for today, I'm back to the needle, the ribbons, and the beads!

Fun, fun, fun! "Flora" may be next!

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