Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goal Numbers HAVE Changed--Please Note!

You may think my goal numbers for 2009 haven't changed in a very long time--and they had not! But that wasn't because I haven't been painting, but more because I had the "gadgets" formulated in such a way that it was hard for me to change them. I just figured out a much easier way to do it, so now I have NO excuse to not change them.

They are in the right hand sidebar and the colors are very different now. My large painting goal for the year is 52 and my small painting goal for the year is 104. I'm still way behind schedule but I am confident that I can still meet my goal by the end of the year. As of July lst, I should have been half way there on both of them--26 (I'm at 14 now) and 52 (I'm at 27 now). But, in any case, I'm painting! And working on both goals. I choose to think positively that the months of the year when I'll have most time to paint are still coming. Roy will start back with the USDA in a couple of months, but we all know that September and October are very busy months for artists. So we shall see how it goes. . . . .

So, onward and upward!


  1. Congratulations! Your goals are awesome.
    Just sketching and bloggin' my blog

  2. But you're also out there, having a lot of new experiences to sketch and blog about. And that's very important. Glad to hear that the cruise was great. Sad to hear about losing your camera. :(