Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good News from "Father Time" (or BY Father Time!?)

Hooray! Isn't it interesting that just when we're feeling most like we aren't going to sell anything for a while, something unexpected--totally unexpected!--usually sells. :) At least for me that's the way it seems to work. I've had a rather quiet spell for a little while and then, out of the blue, I had a voice mail on my cell phone yesterday from Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst. When I returned the call, I was told that a small print of "Joy" had sold yesterday PLUS a full sheet watercolor of Father Time. I was so excited that I was dancing around the house for hours! I'm attaching a cropped photo of the painting that I took in rather bad lighting but you'll get the idea of the painting from it. A lady purchased it who owns another painting of mine and I hope to get to talk to her in person very soon.

1 comment:

  1. This is such a great piece...did you ever meet the woman who bought it? I think your flamingos will sell quickly too.