Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yesterday was Day 23, and it was too late to post when I finished painting!

But I'll catch up now, on Day 24. I had it in my head to do some kind of a map yesterday. I have a great book about making/painting maps and as I paged through it, a few projects caught my eye. Here is a photo of the cover of the book and then a couple of ideas about "Word Mapping".


I decided to use watercolors to do"free hand" lettering inside the shape of a tree, since Sanger is the "Nation's Christmas Tree City". I quickly sketched the outline of a giant sequoia and started filling it in with place names, words, locations, businesses and more.

This is the finished painting--full of words about Sanger, California. The finished size is 14" X 11" and it's all watercolor and permanent pen. I'm surprised I managed to finish it in one day since it turned out to be a LOT of work! I do like how it turned out, though, and I think it will look nice matted and framed in a 20" X 16" frame. 
Several people commented on it on Facebook as soon as I posted it.