Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 17--directionless until late in the day, but done now!

I'm wondering if I'm running out of ideas, but I don't think so. Today was a busy day with a 90 minute kids' class this morning, errands, deliveries, decorating my Sanger Tree Challenge tree (finally!) and some important emails. I did manage to do 2 quick 8" X 10" collage backgrounds with the kids this morning so at least I had those as possible starts. The first one was done with torn encyclopedia pages--print pieces on the bottom and blue map backgrounds on the top. So that one cried out to be a landscape. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it before I started working on it. The second one, we just put random sizes, shapes, and colors of paper over the whole piece of mat board. I gessoed them both lightly and later wished that I hadn't gessoed them at all. But, what's done is done. Here is the second background--colors, with a thin gesso layer over it all. It will become Day 18's painting, most likely. It has some awkward areas near the middle, but I can easily change them once I start working on it tomorrow.

The first background was landscape like and this is what it became, the Day 17 painting. It's not anything terribly special but I don't think it's awful. Overall, I like it and find it rather interesting--a more abstracted, simplified view of the landscape and it's elements around the town of Sanger, CA.

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  1. I keep missing your uploads to the 30 in 30 and am annoyed with myself - I have been missing your lovely artworks! These are fabulous, they are ALL fabulous!