Monday, July 11, 2011

At the Apple Store

Here we are at the Apple Store in Fashion Fair, waiting for our desktop computer to either be made well or deemed unsaveable! Hopefully, it will be fixed with the disc repair they are doing and, meanwhile, we are literally salivating as we play with the 27" iMacs! And wish for iPhone 4's and iPad 2's!! But, all in all, we are extremely lucky to have what we have.

The 27" iMacs are so beautiful and would be perfect for artwork and for Roy's music on Finale. Someday. . . . .

Well, I've written a very short blogpost while I've been standing here. I'll close for now and see what the outcome is for the old iMac. More to come. . . . . .

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  1. thanks for posting on my blog... Hope your computer is fine. I am trying each time I sit the gallery to take photos of what is there, and to post them on my blog, which also just got posted to my FaceBook... learning, even though it is slowly.