Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy, busy!!

How can so many days and weeks go by so quickly? Here it is the First Day of Summer and 103 degrees in Fresno, California. We've had an extremely cool early summer--in the 70's and 80's instead of the 90's and 100's. But that's all about to change. . . . .

I came back from the Robert Burridge workshop in February SO inspired and motivated to clean my studio (which I did!) and paint, paint, paint (which I didn't!). When I got home and started thinking about the studio, it was obvious what needed to be done. The sofa and the spinet piano which had been part of the furniture in the room for a LONG time now--20 years in the case of the piano!--needed to go. And go they did, about midnight one night, with only the 2 of us to move them to the other end of the house via a long hallway with a 90 degree turn in it. NOT an easy proposition! But we did it and the "new" studio plan makes so much more sense. I put tables and organizers where the 2 pieces were and in doing so was able to clear all 3 of my large worktables which had been neatly cluttered with a lot of supplies and materials. Everything was  all down the center of 2 of the tables, noticeably limiting the usable area to spread out large paintings on etc.

Taking Robert's advice to heart, I gave myself room to now spread out a lot of projects and opened up the space to working on multiple paintings at once. Yay, Robert! Thanks for the inspiration.

I added tables along the wall where I did have a sofa, for more work space. . . . .
I put a low table with organizers on it where the piano was. . . .
The 3 glass-topped work tables are now completely clear!  

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