Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After Sierra Art Trails. . . . .

My last post was about Sierra Art Trails. The weather was perfect this year but it was a rather quiet weekend in terms of traffic and sales. Julie Mitchell, Vivian Aumond-Capone, and I wish we knew what made it a quieter year than usual. We enjoyed each others' company and the wonderful visitors we had but we are still wondering why it was not as well-attended as usual. Please comment if you have thoughts on the subject. Was it adding the third day? Too many choices of days? Of artists? Too many locations? Too many other events going on? Too tired? Didn't know about it? Too beautiful and you wanted to be at home working in your yard? You've seen all the locations/artists before and decided to take a year off? You've never been and you didn't go this year either? Any thoughts you can share will be appreciated.


  1. nice that you and Julie had a enjoyable time. but too bad that it was not better attended.

    we just had our last month art walk and half the galleries did not open! geez, so the few galleries that did were packed with people, but in truth there were not many people out and about either.

  2. Tammie, it is what it is, I guess! LOL We had fun but it was a lot of work (3 days, this year) for the small number of people who came out. I just looked at your blog and your photos are gorgeous! I particularly liked the ones with the clear, sparkling water that looks so icy cold. :)