Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whew! A LONG day! And a new look!

Well, things have been happening around here somewhat ahead of schedule. Roy has his new 27" iMac and is very happy with it. So, I have inherited his old iMac and I am also very happy with it. All of this "inheriting" involved finishing up a bunch of paperwork on my MacBook so I could relegate it to the realm of being a "real" laptop now that I have a "real" desktop computer to work on. :) Lucky laptop, lucky me, lucky Roy!

Today, though, I'm still without photo files etc. here on the iMac so I won't post any new photos just yet. Soon, I promise! I need to transfer files from my laptop to here so that I don't have to email a lot of images etc. More progress soon, I'm sure. All for tonight, though.

I have been wanting to use my newsletter header on my blog and I was semi-successful in getting that here though I need to resize it and maybe eliminate some of the white space below it. But I was able to copy it, save it, and add it--so that's more than I expected to be able to do. I also changed the look of the blog again and I think it looks much better than it did.

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