Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogger. . . . and Blogging!

How can a month or six weeks go by so quickly? I guess time DOES fly when you're having fun! And I have been having a lot of fun, though I can't say that I've been as productive as I might have been. I have taught 3 one day classes in the last 3 weeks and also gone to Berkeley for a 3 day workshop with Charlotte Huntley. And I've been trying to make myself do the things I've promised others that I'd do, but I'm having a hard time with getting them done. That's my goal for this week: to try to do what I've promised to others so that I can get back on track with doing my own creative things.

I like being involved in gallery projects etc. because I like the people that I work with. But the distractions, if that's what they truly are, derail me from my own projects. And right now, I've got to finish a painting for the Madera Ag Show. Slides or CDs are due on July 12th and one of the 2 paintings is no where near completion. That doesn't leave me much time for adjustments, evaluation, photography and getting the CD to Madera. Here we go again! Hello and goodbye yet again, I guess. More blogging as soon as I can--and more word on whether I catch up on my obligations, too!

Forgot to mention what prompted the title of this post--when I finally sat down to post after over a month away, I found a lot of changes in Blogger in terms of design possibilities etc. so that "derailed" me again as I explored a few of them before making this post! With 3 blogs to work on, I need to keep up with changes etc. and I haven't been doing that lately.


  1. Wow! How do you do it all?? Actually that's what concerns me. We miss you. Soooo when will you get to visit with all your friends? You create amazing work. Hope to see it and you soon! Love ya T

  2. I miss you all too! I'm working on a solution! :)

  3. Looking forward to hearing out the workshop you took.. Like your new back ground.. Yes, can read it easily.. Not sure about the "white".. see you soon, V.