Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old and New Ventures

*On February 10th, Sisters 7 hung their small window at Met Too Theater in Oakhurst. It's a tiny window and we put work from 7 artists in it, creatively and interestingly. . . .and lovingly. Photos soon. . . .  (I keep putting off the photos because I'm having syncing issues and I can only get them here by emailing them to myself etc. etc. It takes 5 steps instead of 1 and sometimes I don't have time to do it.)

*Yesterday, I took my things down at Ramos Torres Winery in Kingsburg. I love the venue and the people and I'll miss being there but I've been there since November and it's time for them to have a new artist, a photographer this time.

*Yesterday, I took 2 paintings to the Alliance of California Artists show at Arts Visalia. Only 55 paintings were accepted  of the 113 that were entered so I was fortunate in that both of mine were accepted. My favorite of the 2--"Flower Power"--didn't place but "Oversaxed" received a 2nd in Mixed Media. The reception is Friday night March 5th from 6-8 PM. The beautiful gallery is on Oak Street, right across from the Depot Restaurant.

*Today I played a concert with Clovis Community Band--I play oboe and Roy plays French horn--and went out to dinner with my parents. Then I came home to gather paintings for the next show, which starts tomorrow at Planet Java in Piccadilly Square in North Fresno. It's an "earth tone" sort of place so I picked a different group of paintings and we'll see how the hanging goes tomorrow. I will put in the address and the details along with photos after I hang the show tomorrow.

*Another new venture is "Art by Hand" in the Tower District at Van Ness and Bremer. I will include more info about that shortly as well.

*Some of my paintings may soon be featured on amulets (spelling?) made by an east coast artist. I am excited! More news soon, hopefully!

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  1. Congrats on Oversaxed. Great Title. Look forward to seeing you at our Sisters meeting. Want to hear more.