Friday, June 12, 2009

Back, after a long "time out"!

It's been over a month since I last posted, after doing so well about posting almost every day for several months. I think that 2 things contributed to my time away. One is that I've been so busy, in terms of art events, that somethings just had to be let go of for a while. After all, if it's a matter of painting regularly or posting regularly, the painting has to be a higher priority. And we had a lot of things happening in our lives around home that added to the blog being lower on the priority list than in the past. The 2nd thing that happened is that I find having an iPhone lets me be much less tied to the computer than I was before, in terms of email etc. Many days I don't even go into the computer room because I've done what I have to do with just my fabulous phone. So that's a good thing/bad thing sort of thing! :)

All further excuses aside, I'm so glad to be back. I missed writing, I missed interacting with you via your comments, and I missed the emails that the blog posts seemed to generate. The hard thing to do now is to try to catch up with all that's happened. And I don't think that I can truly catch up, so I'm going to start where I am right now and go forward and then I'll write about past events as I have time.

What's happening right now is my show at the Mindshop Bookstore in Oakhurst! Tomorrow is the Second Saturday/Art Hop event from 11 AM till 5 PM. I will be in the store during that time period and I hope that some of you can visit me there. The address is 49269 Golden Oak Drive. If you are going north on highway 41 to Oakhurst, you want to turn right on Road 426 which is the stoplight as you come down the hill into town from Fresno/Coarsegold. The first left you can make after the light is Golden Oak Drive. The Mindshop Bookstore is across the street from Sierra Nursery (a real treat to visit!) and on the left side of the street in the same building as the Positive Living Center and the Children's Museum. The show is called "The Power of Words" and what better place to exhibit it than a bookstore!

The 19+ paintings will be up for the rest of June and much of July so if you can't come tomorrow, come some other day. Normal hours are on Wednesday (10 to 2), Thursday (11 to 2), and Sunday (11 to 1). Sometimes the hours are longer but it's always a good idea to call first before dropping by at hours other than the posted ones. The phone number at Mindshop is 642-4614.

I would like to thank Kim Haley Remmers for having me show there and I look forward to being there for part of the summer. Thank you, Kim! In addition to the framed paintings, there are a number of very small, matted originals which are very reasonably priced and not often seen together in one place. They would make wonderful gifts and can almost all be easily framed in standard size frames.

Today's photo is of me taking down paintings from the Reedley Opera House show in preparation for rehanging them at the Mindshop Bookstore.

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