Sunday, August 13, 2017

Exciting Fall Events Coming Up!

I just updated the list of upcoming events in the right sidebar. September, October, November, and December are always busy months for artists and this year is no exception. For me, the fall is always sort of "kicked off" with "Celebrate Agriculture With the Arts", held at Circle Gallery in Madera. The address is 1653 N. Schnoor Ave., and can be found fairly easily from the Cleveland Exit toward the north end of Madera. This is a very exciting show because things are grouped and judged in agricultural categories, rather than by artistic medium. The categories are as follows:

California Crops
Farm Machinery & Structures
Our Farm and Ranch Friends
Celebrate Agriculture--The Human Factor
Water, Agriculture's Lifeblood

Art media accepted include paint drawing, sculpture, fiber art, photography and jewelry and all media are judged against each other, within each of the 5 categories.The impressive awards, informative and inspirational remarks and lovely reception are always well-attended, enjoyable events and everyone is welcome to attend. This has always been one of my favorite shows --some years I've been lucky enough to win awards and sell my work, which is always nice. This year my 2 entries were both accepted and they are entered in California Crops ("Valley Vignette") and Our Farm and Ranch Friends ("Sunrises"). You'll have to come to the reception or the show to see them, but I will post photos after September 14th when Awards are announced. It is an evening reception usually from 5 or 5:30 till 8 PM or so. More details to follow but you might want to put this event on your calendar.

This year, my artistic fall actually starts with a show at the Fresno Art Hub. It is a joint show with Kate Jackson, a wonderful watercolorist, acrylic, and mixed media artist from Merced. Kate and I met years ago at the "Paint Yosemite" workshops and have wanted to do a show together for a while. Kate suggested a show centered around stamps and stamping and we both agreed that it would be both fun and challenging. There are a lot of possibilities with this topic--postage stamps, rubber stamps, stamping with found objects and much much more, as you will see when you attend one of the art hops during the time that Kate and I are featured artists. The name of the show will be shared within the next few days, as will more details and an event page. I'm having a lot of fun using different kinds of stamps in different ways on different pieces. The show will be up from August 30th till October 10th.

Save the dates September 7th and October 5th to attend Art Hop, with a special stop at the Fresno Art Hub. I will also have work at Chris Sorensen's those 2 nights; the September theme is "Geek Art" and October will be"The Dark Arts". These 2 will be a stretch for me, but I'll give it my best shot.

In October, Laura Fraedrich and I are going to have a show at "Mixed Messages" called "Baker's Dozens". For this show, we are each going to do 13 12" x 12" canvases of our favorite animals. Our styles are different, but complimentary, and I think this will be a very fun show! I'll bet you can guess which ones are Laura's and which ones are mine.

Dates for October include an opening reception on Sunday, October 1st from noon till 5 and an evening event on Friday, October 13th. We plan to make it a LUCKY FRIDAY the 13th because we hope some of the animals will be lucky enough to find out where their "furever" (not in all cases, of course--especially the birds and reptiles!) homes will be.

October 8th, a Sunday between the 2 animal events, will be the 6th Anniversary Celebration of "Mixed Messages" opening. The time will be from noon till 5 so you can come right from church or you can come out after lunch. Refreshments will be served and you'll be able to see brand new work along with some older pieces. The old "Art Hop" special prices of 25% off all framed pieces and 50% off shrink-wrapped prints and originals will be in effect on October 8th.

In November, Adam Albrecht will be the Featured Artist at MMA and he will be showing, sharing, and selling some of the new items he has been making. More details and dates to follow soon.

And in Late November/all of December, "Mixed Messages" will have a lot of gift items for your holiday shopping as well as another collaboration project between myself, Paul Parichan, and Melanie Schow. We are already beginning to work on Doves and Crosses for the holiday season.

So, you see why I say it will be a busy fall--hope you'll put some of these dates on your calendars now and watch for my details and full Event Pages on Facebook soon. My Facebook business page is "Mixed Messages" by Kathleen Mattox. If you haven't liked it yet, I hope you will. I just passed by 1000 Likes and will be doing a giveaway very soon.

Well, as my friend Shiela Boyd likes to say--"Sparkle and Shine!" And I will add--"Onward and Upward!"

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