Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just show up, just show up, just SHOW UP!

What if I took my own advice and actually DID just show up every day to this blog? The hard part is sitting down in front of the computer, logging in, and hitting "New Post". If I do get that far, inevitably something comes to mind to write about--it's just getting to the point of having the post window (and the "Window of Opportunity") open in front of me.

Now that I am at the gallery 5 days a week, 7 hours a day, it's easy to get into the habit of letting the thought of interruptions later in the day stop me from doing things that need to be done, whether it's painting, cutting mats, framing, weeding the flowerbeds or whatever. Thinking that a student is coming at 4 PM can cause me to NOT get out the mat cutter at 11:30 AM because I don't want to create a "mess" that I have to clean up and put away before she comes. I am finally understanding that I can't let that kind of thinking determine the course of my days at the gallery.

I need to plan and prepare for any classes, lessons, appointments and/or "interruptions" when I first arrive in the morning (OR the night before as I prepare to close up), gather necessary materials, documents etc., and then move on to the things that must be done to keep the business running smoothly.

For example, yesterday I had a 4 PM student. I planned her lesson, gathered the materials and made sure I had the availability of a clear working space for the afternoon. Then, I got out the mat cutter, set it up, cut 4 mats, prepared two paintings to be framed, and did a variety of other tasks between customer visits. It's actually a very good thing for people to see me painting, cutting mats, framing, changing a display etc. because then they understand what all goes into running an art gallery plus they see me doing things they didn't know I do. I've gained some matting and framing jobs because they found out I can competently do those jobs.  It's actually amazing how much you can do in ten focused minutes, or 30 minutes or 2 hours IF you don't let "Interruption Paralysis" get you down and stop you from doing anything. I think IP is closely related to the dreaded "Procrastination Affliction"!

So, I am committed to "Just Show Up!", be overprepared in advance of when I need to be, and do what needs to be done in the order that it needs to be done in! Also: Remember to be sure to keep your words soft and gentle because tomorrow you may need to eat them. :)